February is National Children's Dental Month. Please teach your children " 2min2x" which is code for "brush your teeth two minutes, two times a day." This year's slogan is to Defeat Monster Mouth. To help your children to defeat monster month encourage your children to eat healthy snacks and avoid sugary ones, like soda pop.

The mobile dentist will be at the health department April 13-17, 2015. They will be available to provide cleaning and treatment if needed. Registration is required. Please call 440-576-3023 for information.

Press Releases

2/27/15 3:16 PM

CDC has reported a multi-state outbreak of Measles, that has affected 133 people from 7 states. Ohio is not one of those states.


2/12/15 12:02 PM

Longest Day of Play is sponsoring their annual Princess Ball on March 14,2015. See www.help-a-child.com for purchasing tickets.

12/22/14 1:29 PM

 Food Safety Classes will begin February. Please see attached link for brochures.



2/12/15 8:35 AM

Call for an appt. for the mobile dentist. 440-576-3023.