To reduce the exposure of young to salmonella from chicks & ducklings:

  • Do NOT purchase live animals as gifts. Give toy stuffed animals instead.
  • Do NOT let children younger than 5 handle baby chicks or young birds.
  • Do NOT snuggle or kiss the birds, touch your mouth or eat or drink around live poultry.
  • WASH your hands thoroughly with soap & water right after touching live poultry.
  • Adults should supervise hand washing for young children.

The Ashtabula County Prevention Coalition would like the community's input to promote and support healthy lifestyles for all residents and to eliminate underage use and harmful use of drugs and alcohol. If you are a resident of Ashtabula County, Ohio , age 18 or older, you may click on the above title to be taken to the link to complete the survey. Your opinion is important to the Prevention Coalition and they appreciate you taking your time to help them with this project.

Six ways to sleep baby safely and reduce the risk of sudden unexpected death in infancy:

  • Sleep baby on back
  • Keep head and face uncovered
  • keep baby smoke free before and after birth
  • Safe sleeping environment night and day
  • Sleep baby in safe cot in parent's room
  • Breast feed baby

Press Releases


4/24/15 3:43 PM

Monday's May 4th and June 1st from 6 to 8pm.  Call to register 576-3023.

2/12/15 8:35 AM

Call for an appt. for the mobile dentist. 440-576-3023.

12/22/14 1:29 PM

 Food Safety Classes will begin February. Please see attached link for brochures.