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The Most Common Ticks That Bite People

Tick season is here, and along with it there is more interest in Lyme Disease.  How to identify ticks, what to do if a tick is found, how to avoid ticks, how to remove ticks if bitten by one – these are all good questions, and we have some answers.

Lyme Disease is spread by the black-legged tick and is most frequently reported from the Upper Midwestern and northeastern United States.

If you find a tick attached to your skin, you can remove it with a plain set of fine-tipped tweezers.  Clean the area with alcohol or soap and water, and wash your hands.  You can put it in a baggie or a small jar and put it into the trash or, if you want to identify it, take a picture of the tick. You can bring it to the Health Department or you can send it to Tickspotters.org.

If you get a skin rash, fever or feel ill within the next couple weeks, see your health care provider.  Early treatment is key to not developing complications.  For more information, see our page Arbovirus Disease (Mosquitoes and Ticks).



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