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Septage Haulers

Septage Haulers

If you intend to do business of septage hauling in the Ashtabula County Health District you will need to complete an application and return it to our office. The license period runs from January 1st through December 31st of the current year.

The current fee structure is:

$100 for first truck, plus $80 for additional trucks

$180 for first truck, plus $140 for additional trucks if NOT received by January 1st.

$150 for each approved septage application site under the direct control of each septage pumper which is due before April 1st.

Please note that all septage haulers must carry an ODH minimum of $25,000 pumpers bond.

**See Applications & Forms**

Daily Septage Pumping Report Form

Please note that septage pumpers who dispose of septage at sewage treatment plants still need to complete this form.  However, you may indicate in the last column of the report that the septage is disposed of at a sewage treatment plant.  You will also need to complete the columns pertaining to Ph adjustment if you are disposing of septage at a sewage treatment plant that does not require Ph adjustment of septage.

Septage pumpers should also indicate whether they adjust the Ph of septage prior to land application or septage.  All septage that is to be land applied must be mixed with lime and raised to a Ph of 12 or higher and shall remain at a Ph of 12 or higher for 30 minutes.

Water Haulers

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