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Ashtabula County Health Department

Main Office – 12 West Jefferson Street, Jefferson, Ohio

(440) 576-6010

Nursing Division direct line (440)576-3023


To report a Class A Infectious Disease to the Ashtabula County Health Department, please call immediately 440-576-3023.  If you are calling during off hours you are instructed to contact the Ashtabula County Dispatch at 440-576-0055 and ask for a health official to contact you.  A report must be made to the Ashtabula County Health Department unless the patient resides in the city of Ashtabula or the city of Conneaut.  In that case, the report should be made either to the Ashtabula City Health Department or the Conneaut City Health Department.  Class A Diseases must be reported to the local Public Health jurisdiction of residence of the patient.

Listing of Staff:






Medical Director Kawalek, Wayne, M.D.
Administrator Becker, Jay
Administrative Assistant/Registrar for Vital Statistics Marcy, Kimberly
Deputy Registrar Clerk Steigerwald, Laura
Clerk Hegfield, Ann
Clerk Elliott, Andrea
Clerk Krieg, Rhonda
Dir. of Environmental Health Barnes, Randall K.
Registered Sanitarian Menzie, Matthew
Registered Sanitarian Palmer, Terry
Registered Sanitarian Shanks, Todd
Chief Plumbing Inspector Dietrich, John
Plumbing Inspector Martin, Gerald
NURSING (440)576-3023 NAME EMAIL
Dir. of Public Health Nursing Kettunen, Christine
Accreditation Coord./ MRC Coord. Cleveland, Jennifer
Emergency Preparedness Coord. Cleveland, Jennifer
Emergency Planner/ Tobacco Policy Specialist Booker, Terrell
Health Educator
Public Health Nurse/ Unit Manager Distelrath, Barb
Public Health Nurse Dalin, Stephanie
Public Health Nurse Parsons, Robin
Public Health Nurse Slayton, Jodi
Public Health Nurse Summers, Judy
Public Health Nurse Tredway, April
Nursing Clerk Agnew, Joann
Nursing Clerk Yarbrough, Pat

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