Environmental Health


Mission of the Environmental Health Division

2nd Floor – Environmental Health
Animal Bites & Rabies Information
Birth & Death Certificates / Vital Statistics
Permits (8:00 am – 10:00 am)
• Construction & Demolition Debris (C & DD) • Lot Evaluations • Sewage Treatment • Private Water
Plumbing (8:00 am = 9:30 am)
Phone: 440-576-6010
Fax: 440-576-5527

 The Ashtabula County Health Department’s Division of Environmental Health is involved in a wide range of environmental programs that have the potential to impact the health and safety of the citizens within the Ashtabula County General Health District. These programs deal with the food we eat, insuring that private water supplies are bacterially safe, the disposal of solid waste, and the way we affect the health of those around us.

The mission of the Environmental Health Division is to prevent the spread of disease and other environmental hazards through inspections and education of the people that we rely on for our basic needs.
The Ashtabula County Health Department licenses, permits, and inspects or conducts the following:
·        Campgrounds, RecreationalVehicleParks,Resident Camps
·        Construction & Demolition Debris
·        Disaster Preparedness
·        Food Service (restaurant) Operations, Food Establishment Operations, Vending  Machines, Fairs &
         Festivals, Food Borne Disease Investigations
·        Institutions
·        Private Water Systems, Bacterial & Chemical Water Testing, Well Drilling
·        Public Swimming Pools, Spas &BathingBeaches
·        Rabies Control – Investigation of reported animal bites, baiting of raccoons and rabies education
·        Real Estate Water Sampling & Sewage System Testing
·        School Safety & Sanitation
·        Septage Pumpers & Disposal Sites
·        Sewage System Design and Inspection of Residential Systems
·        Solid Waste Landfills
·        Subdivision Evaluations & Lot Splits for Home Sewage Treament
·        Tattoo & Body Piercing Operations